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ICOs Accelerating Ascent

While we are less than 2 months into 2018, ICOs have shown no sign of slowing down. As of February 21, ICOs have raised 57% of 2017’s total ICO amount with only 27% of the number of ICOs. The average ICO size is $15.74m for 2017 and $33.26m for 2018.

While it’s notable that Telegram raised (still in progress) the largest ICO ever in February, that amount represents only 28% of the 2018 funding so far. Excluding Telegram would still show an substantial 41% raise of last year’s total.

These early insights suggest that ICO activity is continuing to propagate in the face of potential risk and regulatory encroachment. Even with substantial dips in the entire cryptoasset market, ICO projects have largely been immune. If activity continues at this pace, it wouldn’t be surprising to see $18B in total funding and 550 ICOs by the close of 2018. This future is still highly speculative and could quickly change course, but for now ICOs are continuing their accelerating ascent.

For a closer look into the data, check out the Coindesk ICO Tracker.


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