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MMT Revolution - Jessica Burbank - Ryan Research Podcast #9

I'm joined by Jessica Burbank. She is an Executive Co-Director at Public Money Action, Contributor & Co-Host on The Young Turks, a Content Creator for More Perfect Union, and regularly covers public policy as it pertains to economics and monetary systems on her Tik Tok series, “Econ for the People.” Her TEDx talk, “A New Direction for the U.S. Economy” explores applying democratic principles to economic systems. Jessica earned her master’s degree in Data-Driven Policy from Brown University. Previously, she worked for the Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign, The Policy Lab at Brown, and Research Improving People’s Lives.

In our chat, we discuss Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). MMT is an economic school of thought that analyzes the economy through the relationship between real resource constraints and sovereign fiat monetary/fiscal policy. We explore the intellectual history of MMT and what solutions it holds for the present. Burbank also elaborates on her journey to MMT as well as her highly effective dissemination of ideas using the popular social media platform TikTok.

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