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Nuclear Barbarian - Emmet Penney - Ryan Research Podcast #8

I'm joined by Emmet Penney. He is the Editor-in-Chief for the Grid Brief, a newsletter on fossil fuels, renewables, nuclear, and the grid. He co-hosts the Nuclear Barbarians: a weekly podcast and newsletter dedicated to bringing you interviews, analysis, and insight that can help us to reconsider our entire approach to the energy problems that face us today, with nuclear at its heart. He also co-hosts the Exhaust Podcast which plumbs the depths of history, culture, and philosophy to understand why it is that despite calamities and rapid change nothing feels possible anymore.

In our chat, we discuss energy with an emphasis on nuclear. We explore how he went from a critic to a nuclear barbarian. We review the history of nuclear and the implications for today. Also, why nuclear is one of the best sustainable sources of energy. We cover other energy topics like fossil fuels, wind, solar, and hydro. In the 2nd half of our chat, we find common ground as Irish-Americans and discuss what that means in the 21st century. We come full circle and talk about energy policy in Ireland.

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