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State of Blockchain: 2018

Originally published on Coindesk on February 6, 2018.

Executive Summary

CoinDesk's 2018 State of Blockchain summarizes key trends, data and events in 2017.

See all the slides here.

Highlights Include:

  • After uncertainty around fork ends, bitcoin's price breaks free and topples multiple milestones. Meanwhile, BTC dominance shrinks to all-time lows.

  • Bitcoin fees increase dramatically. While Coinbase hits #1 app on iTunes, it and all exchanges struggle to cope with demand.• $3.23bn for ICOs and $200mn for VC. However, forks were the largest token generating event of the year with $44bn created.

  • CME & Cboe launch with high interest but low volume. Large traders shorted and small traders longed.

  • Sentiment Survey: 81% did not go into debt to buy crypto. Of those that did, 52% already paid it back. 94% check prices at least every day.

  • Key metrics up across public blockchains.


'CoinDesk Releases 'State of Blockchain' 2018 Research Report'

Spotlight studies:

2018 Blockchain Sentiment Survey

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