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State of Blockchain: Q3 2018

Originally published on Coindesk on December 4, 2018.

Executive Summary

CoinDesk's Q3 2018 State of Blockchains summarizes key trends, data and events in Q3 2018.

Highlights Include:

– The entire market lost about 11 percent, falling from $243 bn to $215 bn. However, when analyzing MoM, we find that the negative growth is diminishing. September saw -7 percent compared to prior months this year being in the negative double digits.

– Bitcoin’s (BTC) price grew by 3 percent with news of positive adoption development on the Lightning Network and Square Cash, however, the ETF rejection might have slowed growth.

EOS transaction counts jettisoned 7255 percent in July. This is the result of its blockchain launching in June. It hit negative growth of 68 percent in September.

– ICO funding for Q3 settled at a total of $2.3 bn, which was down 68 percent since the last quarter.

– 52 percent of survey respondents agreed that we are in a bear market, but 58 percent consider prices undervalued.


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