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The State of the Irish Economy - Seán Keyes - Ryan Research Podcast #10

Seán Keyes joins me for episode #10 of the Ryan Research Podcast. He is a Finance Correspondent with The Currency. A specialist in equity research, he writes on the Irish and international stock markets, bringing his rigorous analytical skills to in-depth profiles of major companies and sectors. He served as an editor for the UK's MoneyWeek and has written for Agora Financial UK. He graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a BA in Economics and Political Science, and from University College Dublin with an MA in Economics.

In our chat, we discuss the state of the Irish economy. We explore the pros and cons of Ireland's current economic model. This takes us into understanding how Ireland got here and thus go back in time to analyze Irish economic history. We broaden out to economic theories in general and conclude with solutions for urban planning. Sean offers great insight on how to fix transportation, housing, and infrastructure.

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Special note: The host, Peter Ryan, is wearing a fantastic shirt produced by an amazing Irish-owned company called Cnota Gaelach. They combine Japanese influences with Irish culture and history to produce an authentic yet modern take on Irish fashion. Learn about how Irish history is weaved into every stitch and buy yourself a shirt here:


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