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CoinDesk Analyst Peter Ryan Changes the Way Investors Value Cryptocurrency

Originally published on CoinSpice on April 2, 2019.

TL;DR: Peter Ryan is a research analyst at leading online cryptocurrency and blockchain news outlet, CoinDesk. And while there is plenty to like about the site, Ryan’s way of using metrics to evaluate projects is among the main reasons readers return. He’s moved way beyond simple price and market capitalization, and helped to develop some groundbreaking charts in the space. More recently, Ryan is an Executive Producer for a new documentary on Amazon Prime, Rizqi Presents: Blockchain, a six part series exploring crypto in-depth. He’s also guest on the CoinSpice Podcast. This episode is available embedded in the article below, and on YouTubeiTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCastsPodBean, and Overcast.

Peter Ryan Changes the Way Investors Value Cryptocurrency

Rizqi Rachmat pops off the screen, waving hands, and appears to almost float. The pairing of an international hip hop dance artist and a documentary on blockchain isn’t something most people would link. But that’s the genius of Peter Ryan: he doesn’t think like most people, and his job is to get others to see patterns, connections, trends, others do not.

In a new documentary, Rizqi Presents: Blockchain, Ryan and his team explore the industry inside and out. It begins with, appropriate enough, The Blockchain, taking them to Montana, stepping inside a data center filled with mining rigs (watch the first episode for free at CoinSpice’s YouTube page). Blockchain as Internet is the second episode (each is a nice bite-sized 20 minutes, give or take), and they visit Blockstack for a hands-on demonstration of what it might be like to own your data.

Rachmat is affable and, though he explains such things for a living, he’s not over the average viewer’s head. He understands how important it is to break concepts down, to not skip over foundational ideas. Blockchain as Investment, midway through the series, has him chat with Republic CEO Ken Nguyen, for example, and they discuss tokenization in a way you’ve probably never heard.

Blockchain as Democracy, Blockchain & Law, round out the doc to make it a definitive set, and then my favorite, the final episode, gets deep: Blockchain as Philosophy. Rachmat is joined by philosopher Chris Derose of Bitcoin Uncensored, and Ryan himself enters the chat as the three men take on the weightiest issues about where crypto came from and where it might be headed. Director Calvin Tran’s vision was to get across the potential of this world changing technology, and do it without crazy hype but with an eye toward keeping the subject matter entertaining. Rizqi Presents: Blockchain accomplishes all of that, and Ryan explains on the CoinSpice Podcast how the project came together.


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