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RR Podcast #4 - Radical Irish - Angela Nagle

I'm joined by Angela Nagle. She is a writer best known for her book "Kill All Normies" where she detailed the ecosystem of the political internet. She edited "Ireland Under Austerity" which outlined oppositional perspectives towards the Irish financial crisis and its aftermath. She has also written for Unherd, American Affairs, Washington Examiner, New York Times and others.

In our chat, we discuss Irish history, politics, and economics. We cover the radical vision the original revolutionaries hoped for Ireland, how it was forgotten, and connect it to current desires for an alternative approach in Ireland. We reveal problems of neoliberalism, post-industrialism, underdevelopment, and the loss of national sovereignty. In addition, we meander through American culture, religion's place in politics, and tech-utopianism.

Follow her at this link:

You can watch the video version of this podcast here:


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