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Entrepreneurial Thinking in Crypto - Isaac M. Morehouse - CoinSpice Live: Full Interview

Isaac M. Morehouse has founded Praxis, a job-seeking alternative for college-aged young adults, and Crash, a platform to host a portfolio of job skills. He joins CoinSpice to talk about his early journey into crypto, the innovative tech, the problems holding it back, and how to use an entrepreneur's mindset to spur adoption.

1:00 Isaac’s Entrepreneurial Bio

5:40 How He Got Into Bitcoin

7:24 Coinbase was easiest onramp in early days

9:35 Accepting Bitcoin as a Business

11:10 High Price, but Low Use

12:40 Alchemy by Rory Sutherland

13:10 Costly Signals

16:05 Rationalist Solutions Cause Problems

18:30 Planners vs. Feelers

19:10 London Black Cabs and Costly Signals

22:00 Inefficient Blockchains?

24:00 Trustless System?

26:45 The Point of Bitcoin

27:00 Branding

32:00 Cultural Marxism in Bitcoin

33:25 Fake Social Media

36:00 Sutherland’s 4 S’s

39:30 What Happened to Bitcoin’s UX

42:00 Startup Thinking in Crypto

43:40 BitPay’s Skin in the Game

47:00 Proof of Work in his Business Experience

50:00 Yoga & Crypto

Originally published by CoinSpice on October 3, 2019.


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