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Real Estate on the Blockchain - Startup Cities

Blockchain technology has the power to disrupt many traditional industries. Startup Cities and NYC Ethereum Meetup will feature two startups developing some of these new solutions in the real estate space. They both utilize the ethereum version of the blockchain.

REX connects vendors, buyers and agents over a powerful open network that rewards you for your contributions. REX combines three innovative technologies: The Blockchain, Data Distribution & Digital Currencies to create the world’s most advanced Global Real Estate Listing Service. And it’s completely free.

  • Stephen King is an entrepreneur with a focus in real estate and blockchain technology. In 2009, Stephen graduated from the University of Denver with a dual degree in real estate and international business. Subsequent to University, Stephen worked in real estate finance, construction management, and mixed-use development. Since 2013, Stephen has led King Realty Group in Princeton, New Jersey and participated in tens of millions in real estate transactions. Simultaneously to building King Realty, Stephen capitalized on his passion for technology, participating in the creation and design of several real estate related technology startups. Stephen is also the founder of Princeton Ethereum Meetup.

FOAM is a decentralized open source spatial protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain, and allows an open standard physical coordinates in the built environment to have an equivalent blockchain smart contract address that are publicly owned and accessible. FOAM enables interested parties and developers to build geospatial applications.

  • Ryan John King is a writer, researcher and spatial entrepreneur based in New York working at the intersection of Architecture, Political Economy and Digital Society. Ryan has initiated the conversation on cryptocurrency and architecture and has been a leading participant in conferences, workshops and competitions that explore the topic. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, studied Architecture at the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.

  • Ekaterina Zavyalova is an architectural designer, originally from Moscow, that has been awarded by the American Institute of Architects Chapter of New York for design work and has been invited to speak at national Architectural conventions. She has been recognized as an emerging young New York Architect and has completed projects that engage new forms of community organization and fundraising/crowd-sourcing methods with the winning entry for the 2014 City of Dreams Competition, Storefront for Art and Architecture and the New Museum for Contemporary Art.

  • Kristoffer Josefsson is a blockchain geometer and architectural designer originally from Sweden. He was a early member of ConsenSys and a founding member of BlockApps, a full-stack blockchain technology platform and has a background in researching mathematics and differential geometry at TU Berlin. Previously he worked in architecture as a geometry specialist for Foster + Partners in London where he worked on high profile projects such as the Apple Campus 2. He has taught and lectured architecture around the world as well as published in both architecture and mathematics.

NYC Ethereum Meetup is a group for anyone interested in Ethereum. Whether you are building on top of the Ethereum platform or simply want to discuss the world-changing possibilities of the emerging decentralized crypto-economy come join us!

  • Michael Wuehler began his career at an Internet startup in the late 90s where he built out and supported early web infrastructure components. After the dotcom bubble burst, he shifted to the Enterprise where he developed a broad-based background spanning technical and business infrastructure, transformation, and operations. Previous to ConsenSys, Michael was a Senior Vice President at Bank of America in the CTO organization where among other roles he ran Middleware and Messaging globally for the Global Markets line-of-business and most recently served as COO for the Engineering teams working on Software-Defined Infrastructure. Michael has over 20 years of experience as a Business and Information Systems leader with a proven ability to envision and develop business solutions, provide thought leadership and influence on business, technical, and organizational strategy. Michael has a Masters Degree in Information Systems Management and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Startup Cities was started because the majority of humans live in urban areas, and billions more will in the coming decades. The only way to prepare for this massive shift is to create new cities and innovate existing ones. We host events to champion ideas of making cities more startup-oriented. Join us to chat about entrepreneurship, urbanism, and decentralization.


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