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Rizqi Presents Blockchain Docu-Series Released


International hip hop dance artist and data visualizer Rizqi Rachmat dives deep into the world of blockchain technology to see how it is revolutionizing finance, cybersecurity, democracy, and more. Peter Ryan was the executive producer for this project. Available in the US on Amazon Prime Available internationally on Vimeo On Demand Free to watch the full season on YouTube at Learn Liberty

EPISODE 1: THE BLOCKCHAIN Our first leap into the world begins with understanding what the blockchain even is. We're going to Missoula, MT to see one of the world's biggest blockchain mining data centers, then meeting with Hyperblock CEO Sean Walsh to talk about what mining means and how important it is to the entire eco-system.

EPISODE 2: BLOCKCHAIN AS INTERNET We now meet with Blockstack developer Muneeb Ali and growth strategist Patrick Stanley to see how they're building a secure, decentralized internet based on the Bitcoin blockchain itself. Then, we get to try it out ourselves.

EPISODE 3: BLOCKCHAIN AS INVESTMENT One of the most disrupted industries of blockchain technology is the world of investing. We meet with Republic CEO Ken Nguyen to talk about how cryptocurrencies and tokens operate, how they're changing the system, and how we might be able to harness their power ourselves.

EPISODE 4: BLOCKCHAIN AS DEMOCRACY In understanding democracy, and how we might improve it, Democracy.Earth founder Santiago Siri is developing an entire digital ecosystem meant to update our global political systems—and it's powered by the blockchain. We meet up, talk about how it all works, then get to see what could be the future of governments for ourselves.

EPISODE 5: BLOCKCHAIN & LAW We take a step into the conceptual world of law and how blockchain tech is finding its way between regulators, lawmakers, securities, and money. Republic's legal expert Max Rich helps us piece it all together.

EPISODE 6: BLOCKCHAIN AS PHILOSOPHY We wrap the season with a conversation about where blockchain tech has come from, and where it could be headed. Hanging out with commentator Chris Derose of Bitcoin Uncensored and CoinDesk research analyst Peter Ryan, we build a deeper understanding of what blockchains present to the world.


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